Implementation and continuity of the youth-friendly healthcare services project in Kedainiai District

Kedainiai District Municipality Public Health Bureau together with partners have been implementing the project “Healthier and Safer Youth Life” No. LT03-1-SAM-K01-011 since March 15, 2021. During the implementation of the project, favorable, confidential services were provided to young people (14-29 years old), helping to strengthen physical and mental health, develop healthy lifestyle habits, reduce morbidity among young people, and purposefully solve youth’s problems of concern. Until March 15, 2023, the project’s activities was financed with the funds of the European Economic Area and Norwegian financial mechanisms. During the 24 months of project implementation, inter-institutional training and training for youth were carried out according to 8 developed algorithms, information screens were purchased and installed at Kedainiai J. Paukstelis Progymnasium, Josvainiai Gymnasium, Kėdainiai Educational Support Service. Services were provided by two coordinators and a psychologist. In Kėdainiai district, the psychologist provided 1360 individual consultations. The main functions of the psychologist working in the project are to assess the child’s/youth’s strengths and difficulties, developmental characteristics, psychological, personality and educational problems; to cooperate with the teacher, special pedagogue, speech therapist, social pedagogue and other specialists working with children/youth, predicting ways to achieve educational goals and objectives; advise children/youths with psychological, personality and educational problems, their parents (guardians, carers) on issues of solving these problems; prepare individual recommendations to solve psychological, personality and educational problems of the child/youth; advise students on choosing a profession.

Trainings for young people on the following topics were organized during the project’s implementation period:

  • Prevention of sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy (4 groups, 89 participants from Kedainiai J. Paukstelis Progymnasium, Surviliskis Vincas Svirkskis Primary School of Kedainiai District, Krakiai M. Katkus Gymnasium and Akademija Gymnasium);
  • Prevention of sexual violence (5 groups, 106 participants from Seta Gymnasium of Kedainiai District, Akademija Gymnasium, Josvainiai Gymnasium, LSU Kedainiai Ausra Progymnasium, Kedainiai Vocational Training Center);
  • Prevention of depression (2 groups, 42 participants from LSU Kedainiai Ausra Progymnasium);
  • Prevention of suicides and self-harm (3 groups, 63 participants from Seta Gymnasium of Kedainiai District, Krakiai M. Katkus Gymnasium, Kedainiai J. Paukstelio Progymnasium);
  • Prevention of the use of psychoactive substances (2 groups, 41 participants from Seta Gymnasium of Kedainiai District and Truskava Primary School);
  • Prevention of alcohol consumption (3 groups, 57 participants from LSU Kedainiai Ausra Progymnasium, Kedainiai J. Paukstelis Progymnasium and Akademija Gymnasium);
  • Prevention of health disorders related to overweight and obesity (2 groups, 43 participants from Seta and Josvainiai Gymnasiums of Kedainiai District);
  • Eating disorders (3 groups, 76 participants from Kedainiai Rytas Progymnasium, Kedainiu Sviesioji Gymnasium and Akademija Gymnasium of Kedainiai District).

The youth of the district, together with representatives of other municipalities, participated in educational camps in Druskininkai and Anyksciai.

During the implementation period of the project, training organized for specialists of the public health bureau, municipal education and social support departments, coordinators and representatives of cooperating organizations and institutions working with youth. At the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the project implementation, three publicity events were organized, led by lecturer Gintarė Razuleviciute. During the events, the services provided by the coordination center for youth-friendly health care services were presented, using universal education methods and their practical implementation, international practice was presented, eight youth health prevention algorithms were discussed, using stress management strategies, emotional balance education, SMART, WORLD CAFE and other methods. , quizzes were held, during which the winning participants were awarded with promotional paraphernalia of the project Youth-friendly health care services: jumpers, t-shirts and caps. In Kedainiai District, the project “Healthier and Safer Youth Life” was implemented with partners – Kedainiai Family Support Center, Kedainiai Juozas Paukstelis Progymnasium, Volunteer Association “Spindulys”, Community Initiatives Center, Kaunas County Chief Police Commissariat, and Kėdainiai Primary Health Care Center. Implementing the contractual obligations, the continuity of the project will be carried out for 5 years from the budget funds of the Kedainiai district municipality, maintaining all the provided services of psychologist and coordinators. Those who wish to receive free and confidential individual psychological consultations are welcome to contact us by phone 8 625 27829 or by e-mail

Project manager

Director of Kedainiai District Municipality Public Health Bureau

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