On March 10, 2023, the summative publicity event of the project “Healthier and Safer Youth Life” (No. LT03-1-SAM-K01-011) took place at Kedainiai vocational training center. The purpose of the event is to spread information about the activities of the coordination center for youth-friendly health care services, present information about the project implementation progress, achievements and results. The publicity event was led by lecturer Gintare Razuleviciute. During the event, the services provided by the Coordination Center for Youth-friendly Health Care Services using universal education methods and their practical implementation were presented. International practice was presented. Using stress management strategies, emotional balance education, SMART, WORLD CAFE and other methods and principles of techniques, eight algorithms for youth prevention were discussed. A quiz was held, during which the winning participants were awarded with promotional paraphernalia of the project Youth-friendly health care services: jumpers, t-shirts and caps.

During the event, it was possible to get to know the coordinators working in the municipality of Kėdainiai district.

The information was prepared by Gerda Adomaviciene, coordinator of youth-friendly health care services.