Every year, at the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO), on June 26, International Day against Drug Smuggling and Drug Addiction Prevention is celebrated around the world. On June 27, 2022, in order to commemorate this day, Kedainiai District Municipality Public Health Bureau initiated a round table discussion whcih took place at Kedainiai Adult and Youth Education Center (address: S. Dariaus and S. Gireno str. 52, Kedainiai).

The event was attended by Paulius Aukstikalnis, Deputy Mayor of Kedainiai District Municipality, Danguole Aviziuviene, Director of Kedainiai District Municipality Public Health Bureau, representatives of Kedainiai Educational Support Service, managers and staff of the Family Support Center, representatives of youth organizations, Public Institution Kedainiai PSPC, open youth center “LANG’as”, Volunteer Association “Spindulys”, Kedainiai District Police Commissariat of Kaunas County Chief Police Commissariat, Kedainiai Student Council.

During the discussion the project “Healthier and Safer Youth Life” (No. LT03-1-SAM-K01-011) was presented. Information about the aims, objectives and impact of the project was provided. It was indicated that one of the algorithms implemented in the youth friendly health care services of this project is the prevention of the use of psychoactive substances. All eight algorithms for youth friendly health care services were also presented during the discussion.

The participants of the event were provided with information about the activities of youth friendly health care services in Kedainiai district, training and events for youth. Since the beginning of the project 547 participants from 11 schools of Kedainiai district municipality have participated in the training.

We are glad that people form various institutions and organizations of Kedainiai participated in the round table discussion. There was a discussion about problems relenvant to youth and opportunities to help youth.

Information prepared by Gerda Adomaviciene and Kristina Orechovaite, coordinators of youth friendly health care services