JPSPP services

Youth-friendly healthcare services in Kėdainiai district

From 2021 August 23 In the Kėdainiai district, youth-friendly health services work

care services coordinator (hereinafter referred to as JPSPP coordinator) who advises young people

from 14 to 29 years of age, coordinates the activities of the coordination center, i.e. JPSPP Health

coordination of strengthening, prevention, treatment, counseling and monitoring in the municipality.

Assesses the health needs of a young person, helps to comprehensively address youth issues

health problems, conducts a motivational interview and, if necessary, mediates for a young person

when applying to institutions of personal health care or other sectors, maintains a permanent relationship with the young person

contact until the problem is resolved, the Center for Health Education and Disease Prevention is involved

in training, prepares articles on topics relevant to young people, prepares reports

information screens and constantly updates the information provided on them.

For JPSPP, contact by phone 8 614 97108 or e-mail by mail

Working hours of the JPSPP coordinator: Monday-Thursday 13.30-16.00

Project Manager,

Director Danguolė Avižiuviene

VSB of Kėdainiai district municipality