An overview of training for young people

in 2022 January – March In the schools of Biržai, Kėdainiai and Anykščiai districts, youth training on preventive topics took place intensively.

Biržai district municipality:

On 24/02/2022 at Biržai Aušra Primary School and 03/03/2022 at Biržai Atžalina Primary School, psychologist Žaneta Tauriene held preventive training on suicides and self-harm. 38 participants took part in the training. During the training, we talked about crisis psychology, the main aspects of suicide, stages, statistics, what is self-harm? Self-harm in children and adolescents, risk of suicide in children and young people. What is the best help? How can I help myself? Right or wrong imaginings of suicide (myths and facts).

On 03/09/2022 and 03/30/2022, preventive training on depression was held at Biržai Kaštoni primary school. The training was conducted by psychologist Laura Pasavodskytė. During the training, we explored where depression comes from and what are the main causes of its occurrence, the main symptoms of depression, the most important psychological and physical ways to help yourself, prevention of depression, taking care of your emotional health, self-knowledge and awareness training tasks, and recommendations for individual work . 34 participants took part in the training.

On 02/21/2022 and 02/23/2022, preventive training on eating disorders was held at Biržai Kaštoni primary school. 30 participants took part in the training. Lecturer psychologist Laura Pasavodskytė spoke about eating disorders and how to recognize them, the most common causes of eating disorders during the training. Prevention of eating disorders – why is it important and what can we do? Why diets are not the solution? Principles of healthy eating and intuitive eating, body image and self-esteem were discussed.

Municipality of Anykščiai district:

On 17-01-2022 at Antanas Baranauskas primary school, on 18-01-2022 and 19-01-2022 at Jonas Biliūnas gymnasium, lecturer Algimantas Andrijauskas conducted preventive training for young people on the topic of sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy. During these trainings, we talked about the peculiarities of young people’s sex life, sexual health and sexually transmitted infections, the consequences of contracting them. Family planning methods, responsible approach to fatherhood/motherhood, protection measures, unplanned pregnancy, physical and psychological consequences, value of human life were also discussed. 64 participants took part in the training.

On 11/01/2022, preventive training on the topic of alcohol consumption was held at A. Baranauskas primary school, and on 12/01/2022 on the topic of the use of psychoactive active substances. The training was conducted by Tatjana Šciurina. During the training, young people were told about the harm caused by the use of alcohol and psychoactive substances, why alcoholic beverages and psychoactive substances are the enemies of man, how addiction develops, the consequences of the use of alcoholic beverages and psychoactive substances, how many people are affected by someone who consumes alcoholic beverages or psychoactive substances, who benefits , to increase the number of addicted people, why advertisements are created that encourage young people to use alcohol or psychoactive substances, how to avoid or get rid of addictions. 40 students participated in the training.

On 03/07/2022 and 03/15/2022 at Antanas Baranauskas primary school and 03/22/2022 at Jonas Biliūnas high school, psychologist Karolina Puzinaitė conducted training on sexual violence. The training covered the origin and causes of violence against others, the concept and forms of violence, signs of violence according to types of violence, recognition of sexual violence, stopping inappropriate behavior in the school environment, responding to violence at school, strengthening psychological resistance, human trafficking. How to help yourself and others when faced with sexual violence. 56 participants took part in the training.

On 03/14/2022 and 03/21/2022, psychologist Neringa Bernatonienė conducted training on suicides and self-harm at Jonas Biliūnas Gymnasium. 40 participants took part in the training.

Kėdainiai District Municipality:

On 01/18/2022 and 01/26/2022, preventive training on the topic of depression was held at the Kėdainiai “Aušros” pro-gymnasium of the Lithuanian Sports University. The training was conducted by psychologist Kristina Bružė. Depression, anxiety, and burnout syndrome were discussed during the training. There was an analysis of myths, personal beliefs and attitudes about depression. It was discussed how the body reacts to depression, recognition and self-assessment of the risk of depression, help options for children and adolescents. 42 participants took part in the training.

2022-02-03 Kėdainiai district at Šėta high school, 2022-03-03, Kėdainiai district. Preventive training on the topic of suicides and self-harm took place at Krakiai Mikalojaus Katkaus Gymnasium and 2022-03-31 at Kėdainiai Juoz Paukštelis Pro-gymnasium. The training was conducted by psychologist Neringa Bernatonienė. The training covered suicide statistics, risks and protective factors. Myths, personal beliefs and attitudes about suicide were analyzed, fears, anxiety and other possible obstacles to effective help for oneself and others were discussed. The psychologist will provide information on suicide risk recognition.