An overview of training for young people

In 2021 October – December In the schools of Biržai, Kėdainiai and Anykščiai districts, youth training on preventive topics took place intensively.

Biržai district municipality:

In Biržai district schools: Vabalninka Balis Sruoga Gymnasium and Biržai Atžalyn Primary School with lecturer Tatjana Ščiurina in 2021. October 18, October 22 and October 26. remote training on the prevention of the use of psychoactive substances took place, and in 2021 October 20 and 25 about prevention of alcohol consumption. 86 students studied these topics.

At Biržai Saulė Gymnasium and Biržai Technology and Business School, lecturers Karolina Puzinaitė and Algimantas Andrijauskas conducted preventive training on sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy. The training was conducted both remotely and in person. 6th grade, 105 students were formed to listen to this topic. During these trainings, we talked about the peculiarities of young people’s sex life, sexual health and sexually transmitted infections, the consequences of contracting them. Family planning methods, responsible approach to fatherhood/motherhood, protection measures, unplanned pregnancy, physical and psychological consequences, value of human life were also discussed.

Psychologist Žaneta Taurienė in 2021 November 17, December 1, 3 Biržai Saulės Gymnasium and in 2021 December 8 and 15 Conducted preventive trainings on sexual prevention at the Biržai School of Technology and Business. During the training, we talked about the concept and forms of violence, thinking about the problem, about reactions to sexual violence at different ages, why children and teenagers harass, about dangers on the Internet, about human trafficking. The training participants were introduced to the possibilities of assistance. 115 students participated in the training.

Municipality of Anykščiai district:

Anykščiai r. In Kavarska primary school – multi-purpose center in 2021. October 29 remote training was held with lecturer Karolina Puzinaite about sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy. 17 students participated.

Other trainings on this topic are scheduled for 2022. month of January.

Kėdainiai District Municipality:

in 2021 October 20 at Kėdainiai J. Pauštelis pro-gymnasium, 2021 October 25 at Surviliškis V. Svirskis primary school, 2021 October 26 Krakiu M. Katkaus Gymnasium and 2021. October 27 Kėdainiai district In the municipality’s Academy gymnasium, contact training was held with lecturer Algimantas Andrijauskas on sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy. 89 students participated.

in 2021 December 9 Kėdainiai district in Šeto high school, 2021 December 13 in the Kėdainiai vocational training center and in 2021. December 16 Kėdainiai district Lecturer Edita Ivinkina conducted preventive training on sexual violence at the municipality’s Academy high school. 59 students participated.

In the following year, the prevention of suicides and self-harm will continue to be carried out for young people; Prevention of health disorders related to overweight and obesity; Prevention of sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy; Prevention of the use of psychoactive substances; Prevention of alcohol consumption; Prevention of depression; Prevention of sexual violence; Prevention of eating disorders.