Seminars for JPSPP coordinators and cooperating institutions

From April, 2022, training for JPSPP coordinators and sprecialists of cooperating institutions has started. 5 groups have already participated in this traning, there were 12 people in each group. Each group listened to the 16 hour program on the topics listed below:

1.     Most relevant health problems of youth;

2.     Case management and interagency cooperation;

3.     Contact technique, active listening and communication with youth, motivation for change;

4.     Prevention and strengthening of mental health.

The training is conducted by Arturas Einikis, Vitalija Mockiene, Karolina Puzinaite, Evelina Vainoriene.

It is planned that at least 108 specialists working with youth from Anyksciai, Kedainiai and Birzai municipalities will take part in the training during the whole project period.