The second JPSPP training camp for youth

On May 20-22, 2022, youth from Anyksciai, Birzai ir Kedainiai gathered in Anyksciai district homestead “Svajoniu dvaras” where a three-day youth camp was held. 30 young people participated in the camp.

In the camp theoretical and practical activities were held to solve the most relevant youth problems, team activities, physical activity was encouraged, emotional health was strengthened and a healthy lifestyle was promoted. The youth tried Nordic walking, made healthy snacks, played basketball, watched preventive films, played mindfight game, went on a sensory confidence walk. Various activities were held to improve knowledge: ways to reduce stress and depression, stereotypes in our life, relationships, teamwork, self-confidence, empathy, achieving goals every day, and sustainability was also emphasized during the camp. First aid training took place during free time, and all camp’s evenings used to end with music and dancing.

Despite the rainy weather, children left the three-day camp with good emotions, gained new knowledge, made new friends and with a strong desire to come back again.